My name is Ken Childs, and on my 50th birthday I made a major decision about my life; I decided I was going to live the next fifty years completely differently.

Up until that point, I’d been chasing “the dream”; a family, career, lots possessions and lots of suffering.

You could say I’ve lived a life full of desires, success and many hardships. In many ways, I feel I’ve done it all. But when I turned 50, I realized that genuine happiness couldn’t be found in material things or the status I had achieved. I knew I wasn’t living deeply, and felt disconnected and out of balance.

This realization pushed me to learn more about myself. I began to awaken and realize larger truths. I discovered a huge shift in energy is taking place on this planet—the feminine spirit, and feminine consciousness is arising. For men, it’s vitally important to learn what this means. We are all being called to change, and men can play an important role.

I’ve been fortunate to tap into this well-spring, and am journeying into the depths of learning what it is to having deep relationships, a meaningful life and authentic happiness. These are gifts beyond anything we may achieve in the physical world. Success, simply put, is measured by one’s “happiness”.

I invite you to be my travelling companion as my journey continues to take me inward and to far away places in search of self-discovery, personal growth and love. Hopefully, my journey plants some seeds that help nurture you on your own unique path. The love and happiness that all of us are searching for is within us.

Come explore and grow with me.


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