expanding your happiness

How happy can you be? That’s a good question. It’s also a personal decision and one that you are fully in charge of- it’s totally up to you. For me it was like when I got tired of looking at my out-of-shape body I just put my foot down and started to workout, do yoga and watched everything I put into my mouth. It paid off. I did the same with my unhappiness- I took action.

Identifying with issues that caused me suffering like; what got me angry, why I acted in certain ways, what patterns I could reveal and so on started from the study of Yoga. This was my catalyst and opened the doors to these questions. I even asked those closest to me for help.

Having the courage to face those issues, and make a decision how to change them was difficult.So I started meditating, a lot

We all have childhood and past life issues that plague us and follow us around no matter where we are on this planet. You can’t run away from your problems, you can only face them, see them, then decide to change and live by them. I know from my experience that I lived mostly from a place of fear- not being enough and not loving who I was, so I was hard on myself and would do and say anything to protect my fragile ego. This caused me humongous suffering, and alienation from people, especially the ones who loved me; it was very painful until I searched inside myself to find the “soft” spots and what those triggers were. Now I am a sculptor of my ‘being’, moulding myself and chipping away at my true essence and finding the love within as who I am; because now I’m happier with who I am. Now I can see mostly everything from a place of loving myself and everything. It isn’t easy of course; its meant to be a lesson in this life, and one worth learning.